Board of Trustees

VC Board 2014


(Left to Right): Christopher Seiz, Heidi Joseph, Phyllis Frakt, Ted Deutsch, Michael Pidgeon, Eileen Heinzel, Kim Bruno, Robin Fogel, Sarah Mertz

Not Pictured: Amy Beth Dambeck, Ann Zawartkay

The Board of Trustees of VolunteerConnect ensures the organization’s viability and operational strength, approving strategic priorities, as well as annual operating goals and budgets. The Board ensures that VolunteerConnect has the financial, human, technological and other resources needed to fulfill its mission, monitoring progress against our goals so that plans can be adapted to optimize efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.

Our current board members are:

  • Robin Fogel, Chair
  • Ted Deutsch, Vice Chair
  • Phyllis Frakt, Secretary
  • Ann Zawartkay, Treasurer
  • Rachel Benevento
  • Amy Beth Dambeck
  • Kim Bruno
  • Eileen Heinzel
  • Heidi Joseph
  • Sarah Mertz
  • Michael Pidgeon
  • Christopher Seiz


  • Liz Erickson
  • Gil Gordon
  • Nino Scarpati
  • Marge Smith
  • Nancy Robins (Founder)