Want to surpass your CSR goals, enhance your community connections, and engage your employees in meaningful volunteer experiences?

Our BoardConnect program provides a value-added service to any corporate citizenship platform. By training company employees on how to be effective board members, VolunteerConnect impacts and strengthens a company’s community relations. The program is designed to train employees to become active, productive and more effective nonprofit trustees by providing them with an understanding of board roles and responsibilities and giving them a realistic understanding of the Central New Jersey nonprofit landscape. It has two main components:

  1. Customizable on-site training sessions covering key governance topics to prepare individuals to be active and effective nonprofit trustees
  1. Follow up match-making to connect executives to area nonprofit agencies for board service

Our SkillsConnect program can enhance your volunteer initiatives by engaging professionals in measurable, short-term impact projects with Central New Jersey nonprofits needing their support. Many nonprofits don’t have the financial means to pay for all the skills they need to get their good work done. Professionals who provide expertise in areas such as business analysis, marketing, strategic planning, and IT services can make a tremendous difference helping nonprofits create social change.

VolunteerConnect can help make your corporate culture and citizenship programs easier for you to manage and improve employee satisfaction by providing nonprofit board training and skills-based volunteer opportunities. Contact Executive Director Amy Klein at or call us at 609.921.8893 for more information.

Please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn more about how your company can get involved by sponsoring our workshops and events!

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