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Marketing Consultant

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Volunteer Title:  Marketing Consultant

Organization Name: Arts Council of Princeton

Supervisor: Lisa Patterson, Director of Development & Marketing

General Description of Project:  Development of three-year Marketing Plan

Experience Required:  A marketing professional with experience and relationships with non-profit arts organizations.  Volunteer should be able to bring, in addition to experience, an outside perspective and be able to think “outside the box.”

Job Tasks:

Review organizational history

Become familiar with all aspects of our current programming

Become familiar with our plans for future programming

Understand current marketing and fundraising challenges

Interview key staff members

Interview key board members

Draft a 3-year marketing plan

Review with key staff and revise as needed

Submit final plan to marketing committee

Present Power Point to staff and Board


Expected Outcomes/Outputs of Project: A 3-year marketing plan that has consensus and buy-in from the staff and the board.


Time Commitment:  30+ hours


 About the Arts Council of Princeton:

Located in the landmark Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood of Princeton, the ACP is a mid-sized ($1.7million annual budget) multi-disciplinary non-profit arts organization that presents a wide range of programs including exhibitions, performances, free community cultural events and studio-based classes and workshops in the visual, performing and literary arts.  We strive to serve our diverse local population and are inclusive of people from all races, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, disabilities and ages.  We are experiencing our most significant growth since we moved into our new and enlarged arts center in 2008.  We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2017.

Organization Mission:

The mission statement Building Community Through the Arts was developed with the belief that the arts and arts education:

  • Are fundamental to a healthy society;
  • Directly impact academic achievement and improve literacy for school students;
  • Positively contribute to the quality of life for all area residents;
  • Contribute significantly to economic development; and
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

The ACP fulfills its mission by presenting a wide range of arts and arts education programs including studio-based classes and workshops in the visual, performing and media arts, exhibitions, performances, and free community cultural events. Arts Council of Princeton programs are designed to be high-quality, engaging, affordable and accessible for the diverse population in the greater Princeton region. Creating art and learning from working artists and performers in intimate artistic encounters directly addresses the ACP’s mission. Through these creative encounters, all people are encouraged to engage in the creative process.


Organizational Goals and Programming:

As our arts presenting, education and outreach programming continues to grow, we find the need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan so that our staff does not become overwhelmed and that our limited resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We would like to create a written marketing plan to put into action immediately that leads us through our 50th anniversary in 2017.  The plan should take into consideration our history, current status and the talents of our current staff, and should be formulated based on interviews with the staff and the marketing committee of the board.  The final outcome should be presented in a Power Point presentation to the board and full staff.