Database Consultant

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Volunteer Title: Database Consultant

Organization: Every Child Valued

Description of Duties: ECV’s current donor database is an Excel file. Looking for a professional to develop a database structure and guidelines for use of and interaction with the database to ensure data integrity, ease of use, and accuracy of extracted data.

Experience Required: Familiarity with database administration; Experience managing development databases a plus; Proficiency in database administration, prospect and constituent management, data imports and exports, developing reports (preferably using GiftWorks).

Job Tasks: 

  • Analyze our current data and develop best practices for our conversion
  • Help in the conversion of data from Excel to GiftWorks
  • Assist in the development of reporting mechanisms

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Manage and supervise data entry for gift records sot that the processing, tracking, reporting and acknowledgement of private gifts are performed in accurate and timely fashion. Ensure that the data derived from these activities is maintained in accurate and up-to-date status, and can easily be accessed
  • Develop standards and policies for data entry, and ensure compliance

Time Commitment: 25 Hours


Organization Mission: Every Child Valued’s mission is to motivate the young residents from Lawrence Township to reach their highest potential as educated and fulfilled adults, to strengthen families, to combat racial, cultural, and socio-economic isolation, and to build a sense of community

About the Organization: 

Every Child Valued (ECV) is a current manifestation of a progression of social justice work that
began in the late 1960s when a group of community members including our Executive
Director, Fred Vereen, Jr., persistently lobbied the township of Lawrence to allow its first low
and moderate income housing development, Eggerts Crossing Village (EC Village). The 100-
unit housing development, after its creation in 1974, has been overseen by Lawrence NonProfit Housing, Inc. (LNPH), under which Mr. Vereen served as Manager of EC Village from
1974 to 2008. During the 1980s and 90s, a number of residents expressed strong concerns
because EC Village students were being singled out by the school district and placed in special
education classrooms. At the same time, the school district activated around a related
problem: internal data demonstrated that children from low-income families were more likely
to fall behind in school, and were less likely to have parental involvement in their education. In
1999, Mr. Vereen called a meeting of community stakeholders to address these issues and
formulate solutions. Recognizing that reversing the achievement gap in public school
classrooms would require a sustained and collaborative effort, Lawrence Non-Profit Housing,
Inc., the school district, and a number of community partners created an after school program
in 2001. This program coalesced into Every Child Valued, which became a separate non-profit
entity in 2009.
Every Child Valued is a community based non-profit organization providing innovative
educational enrichment and extracurricular services for disadvantaged children in Lawrence
Township, and support services for their families. The After School Program is the cornerstone
of ECV. Administered out of two community centers, one in the middle of the EC Village
affordable housing development, certified public school teachers from the local school district
run workgroups for students, broken out by grade level (K-6), in which they receive tutoring,
homework assistance and academic enrichment. These small groups (the teacher-student ratio
is 1:5) serve two functions: 1) to allow low-income and low-performing students to receive
individual attention in the crucial areas of mathematics, reading comprehension and critical
thinking, and 2) to draw local teachers into the students’ community environment, so they
become more familiar with it and more available to the children’s parents. In addition to the
After School Program, we offer a Summer Enrichment Program; a Walkabout in the Natural
World, an environmental science component of our After School Program; and a tutoring/
mentoring program for middle school and high school students.