Editing and Copywriting Consultant

The DoughMain Education Foundation is seeking an Editing and Copywriting Consultant! Read on to find out more…


DoughMain-Education-FoundationVolunteer Title:  Editing and Copywriting Consultant

General Description of Project:  Editing and copywriting the first four units of the eight unit “FitKit Curriculum,” (High School Youth Financial Literacy Program).

Experience Required:

  • 3+ years’ experience in editing and copywriting for business or education publications
  • Ensure consistency & quality across all written content
  • Follow appropriate guidelines and limitations
  • Ability to execute campaign in partnership with DoughMain staff
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Experience in youth education and financial literacy a plus

Job TasksEdit four units of the FitKit curriculum. Each unit includes approximately 175 pages with links of unit plans, lesson plans, lesson slides and a youth workbook. The work includes detailed focus on grammar, punctuation errors and overall comprehension while working closely with the Executive Director and/or Board Chair or designee and consulting with educational staff if necessary. After the initial meeting, the work can be completed virtually or on-site at 189 Wall Street, Princeton NJ 08540 during regular business hours.

Expected Outcomes/Outputs of Project:  Four completed education units ready to be approved by the Executive Director and sent to the printer.

Time Commitment:  Approximately 40 hours with a goal of completion within 30 days after taking on assignment.


About the DoughMain Education Foundation:

The Mission: The Mission of DoughMain Education Foundation (DMEF) is to build financial literacy in students through engaging programs delivered directly to schools and homes.

In the wake of the 2008 global recession, the DoughMain Education Foundation (DMEF) was founded over a three-year period of extensive discussion and planning among New Jersey parents, educators and entrepreneurs with a focus to promote lifelong financial literacy, responsibility and ethical financial behavior among youth.  Through discussions with educators, the group determined that if substantive, core-compliant, easily-implemented curricula, supportive materials, and teacher support could be developed and made available to school districts across the country, the group’s core objective in providing direct support of a lasting nature to schools and their students nationwide would be met. Out of this, the DoughMain Education Foundation was formally incorporated in New Jersey in 2012, and in 2013 was granted IRS tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) as a Public Charity.

Organizational Goals and Programming: 1) DMEF is committed to expand implementation and sustain continuous improvement methods that serve to further enhance our FitKit Curriculum. Additionally, we are working towards expansion to 10 school districts by the fall of 2016/spring of 2017. 2) DMEF is committed to the continued enhancement and evolution of content specific original animated videos. DMEF’s content specific videos are designed to engage students and provide situational awareness of and need for skills related to personal financial management. We are working towards the completion of all 8 unit videos with the addition of 18 additional lesson videos. 3) DMEF is committed to the continued enhancement and evolution of Teach-the-Teacher components. DMEF is working towards the refinement of over 1,000 pages of PowerPoint slides and the creation of 8 Teach-the-Teacher webinars, and will collect qualitative and quantitative information on the presentations that supports them as being valuable Financial Literacy professional development tools for educators.