Volunteer Development Advisor

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Volunteer Title: Volunteer Development Advisor

Organization Name: Bryn Mawr Wellesley Book Sale

Supervisor: Elizabeth Romanaux

Description of Duties: Meet with board president and/or a small number of other members to make suggestions about how to improve volunteer development processes. How can we reach more book-loving volunteers? What amenities or thank-yous should we offer? What do volunteers want from the experience and how can we keep them coming back?

Experience Required: 3+ years working with volunteers or volunteer management; HR/Program management background would be useful.

Job Tasks:

  1. Review current efforts to find people to help collect, sort and price books during the year (April – February) and during 10-day annual sale.
  2. Establish ways to regularly communicate with volunteers during the year.
  3. Establish a way to routinely thank volunteers and encourage repeat engagement with the organization.

Expected Outcomes/Outputs of Project:

Written recommendation to the President and Board for streamlining volunteer process, including how to better recruit, retain and utilize book sale volunteers.

Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours

Organization Mission: 
(1) We raise scholarship money to help students from central NJ to attend Bryn Mawr or Wellesley College, (2) recycle books back in our community and keep them from being thrown into landfills, (3) put books into the hands of those who might not otherwise be able to buy them, (4) and keep the names of Bryn Mawr and Wellesley in a positive light in the community.

About the Bryn Mawr Wellesley Book Sale:
This book sale has been operating in Princeton, NJ for some 82 years and raises scholarship money to Bryn Mawr and Wellesley Colleges for girls from central NJ. The sale is volunteer run and collects books 3 hours twice a week, culminating in the sale of over 80,000 books in 5 days. We also go to people’s homes to accept book donations if the number and quality are high enough. The sale has a rare book area as well as 35 other categories. Small numbers of books are also sold online, especially if they are very valuable. In 2013 we raised $90,000 gross with about $50,000 net.

Organizational Goals and Programming: The primary goal is to pull off a huge and complicated sale in a short period of time, and keep overhead as low as possible.