What is Skills-Based Volunteering?

Skills-based volunteering is applying your professional skills, experience or education to make a difference at a non-profit or community organization.

Many nonprofits don’t have the financial means to pay for all of the skills they need to get their work done. Volunteers who provide expertise in areas like accounting, marketing, strategic planning, graphic design or facilities operations can make a tremendous difference to helping the nonprofits create social change.

There are so many benefits to skills-based volunteering! Here are a few…

  • Create social change in your community
  • Continue development of your professional skills
  • Share your education and experience after retirement
  • Achieve personal fulfillment

How It Works

Skills-based volunteering is easy!

  1. Share your skills! Tell us what your professional skills are
  2. Browse our projects and find a great opportunity
  3. Fill out the linked survey associated with the project
  4. We’ll contact you so can get started creating social change
  5. For questions, contact office@volunteerconnectnj.org or call 609.921.8893