Our partners and volunteers share their thoughts on what it’s like to work with VolunteerConnect:

“If you truly have a passion to serve and want to be involved, VolunteerConnect is the place to go. It has its finger on the pulse of the community.”

Domenic Sanginiti, Attorney, Stark & Stark, and BoardConnect Alumni

“The work you are doing is brilliant and is exactly what this county needs.”

Connie Mercer, President and CEO, Homefront

“I would highly recommend BoardConnect to any corporation looking to add value to their social responsibility programs and engage their employees in meaningful nonprofit board training.”

Jennifer Brunelle, Director, Positive NRG

“Thanks to VolunteerConnect’s board training program, Kidsbridge was able to add a valuable professional to our Board of Trustees. She came in knowledgeable and prepared [and] was immediately able to make an impact. I am grateful that VolunteerConnect continues to understand the needs of Central New Jersey nonprofits.”

Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director, Kidsbridge

“Skills-based volunteering is as good for you as it is for the organization you’re helping.”

David Schuchman, Princeton Tech Advisors, Skills-Based Volunteer

“Volunteering is a great way to ‘give back’ using the skills and talents you’ve learned over the years, and VolunteerConnect is a great organization that can help you connect with organizations doing meaningful work that could really use your help. It is a true win-win scenario!”

Kevin Doherty, Skills-Based Volunteer

“Our skills-based volunteer was such a gift; truly a perfect volunteer, he brought everything to the table. I’m so glad I reached out to VolunteerConnect.”

Jodi O’Donnell-Ames, Founder, Hope Loves Company

“This project provided an opportunity for our business to add value to the community and, at the same time, gave us exposure to the nonprofit world.”

Anuj Kumar, eKnous, LLC, Skills-Based Volunteer

“The BoardConnect program is something everyone should do. We’re incredibly privileged to have access to such a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Most people get involved with nonprofits and have to learn on the job, but [VolunteerConnect] has a platform that sets us up for success.”

Gary Tier, Owner, Grey Elephant Consulting & BoardConnect Alumni

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