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Roadmap for the Dedicated Board Member in Times of Crisis

Roadmap for the Dedicated Board Member in Times of Crisis

As nonprofits deal with challenges posed by COVID-19, these are certainly unprecedented times. Watch this video by Elizabeth Wagner from Bryn Mawr Trust for some great ideas about how board members can best provide leadership and support.


Crisis Contingency Planning

Positioning Your Nonprofit to Endure the Crisis

During a crisis, contingency planning becomes critical for the success of an organization. This presentation provides insight into creating contingency plans, help for those who haven’t yet done that and advice on managing through challenging times

Risk Management Resources for Nonprofit Boards & Staff

These resources from Risk Alternatives help nonprofits think through how to deal with the repercussions of COVID-19 and plan for what is next.

Reducing Risks Related to COVID-19


Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication in Tough Times

In these times of crisis, the way that we communicate with our constituents is key to how we are perceived. In this video by VolunteerConnect board member Toni-Anne Blake, you can learn five key strategies to successful communication during a crisis.

Additional Strategic Communication Resources

The Communications Network offers some tools and tips for communication about the COVID-19 crisis including some basic tips on messaging.

Coronavirus Crisis Communications Kit

This resource from BoardSource guides thinking through the roles & responsibilities of board and staff members during a crisis.