Role of the Board in Fundraising During a Crisis

Board members can make a huge difference by working in partnership with the Executive Director to make plans for the future and to reach out to donors now. This video above by Sandra Toussaint-Burgher, President & CEO of United Way of Greater Mercer County, outlines some key steps that board members should be taking now to support their organizations.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

Practical tips on where to focus your efforts on fundraising during tough times.

Best Practices in Hard Times

Board members may hesitate to fundraise. BoardSource provides some simple talking points to help.

Addressing Your Board’s Fundraising Fears

In this article, Blue Avocado gives clear guidance on the importance of communicating with donors during the pandemic and messaging “the ask.”

Communicating with Donors

Mergers, Strategic Alliances, and
Winding Down

Given the current environment, collaborating with other nonprofits offers a way to address resource challenges. The video above by Dennis Kilfeather from the VolunteerConnect board outlines a range of options to meet these challenges ranging from mergers to shared services.

Collaboration and Shared Services

CausePlanet considers options for shared services and how to decide whether this option makes sense for you.

Considering Administrative Shared Services

This resource is long but worth it! BoardSource offers a set of resources and questions to consider when developing partnerships.

Extensive Tool to Think Through Strategic Collaboration

No one wants to be in this situation but we know that it is inevitable that we will lose some of our nonprofits with the pandemic and economic downturn. Blue Avocado talks about how to assess whether this is the best option and how to close gracefully.

Closing Your Nonprofit


Scenario Planning Step by Step

Are you feeling overwhelmed by future possibilities? The video above, by Allison Trimarco of Creative Capacity, outlines a practical, scenario planning exercise designed for nonprofit organizations facing challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Scenario Planning

Tools for Scenario Planning

Guidance for use of this tool is described in detail by Allison Trimarco of Creative Capacity in the accompanying video.

Step by Step Scenario Planning Tool

This link below is to an additional article that gives additional guidance and an overview of scenario planning.

Scenario Planning Overview


HR Issues in the COVID-19 World

Nonprofits are faced with tough decisions around staffing and potential layoffs. Following social distancing practices and working remotely add new challenges. The video above offers some suggestions for tackling these tough issues.

Human Resources Issues

Staff reduction decisions are challenging at best. Blue Avocado explores options.

Effective Strategies to Reduce Staff

Nonprofit Quarterly addresses laying off staff with kindness and preserving the morale of remaining staff.

Compassionate Reduction in Staff

Working remotely brings its own challenges. Here are tips from The Council of Nonprofits.

Remote Worker Guidance

Financial Strategies for Now and the Future

If we did not know the importance of cash before, we sure do now. The video above featuring Ann Zawartkay from Nonprofit Accounting Solutions explores how to navigate your nonprofit through the financial storms.

Financial Issues

Cutting costs cannot be done unilaterally if we are thinking about our long term strategy.

5 Finance Must Do’s

In the article at the link below, CLA shares a tool and tips for thinking about cash flow and repercussions of financial decisions.

Tools to Understand Cash Flow

Positioning Your Nonprofit to Endure the Crisis

During a crisis, contingency planning becomes critical for the success of an organization. This presentation by Claudia Kelly provides insight into creating contingency plans, help for those who haven’t yet done that, and advice on managing through challenging times.

Risk Management Resources for Nonprofit Boards & Staff Members

These resources from Risk Alternatives help nonprofits think through how to deal with the repercussions of COVID-19 and plan for what is next.

Reducing Risks Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk Management Resources

From the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, here are the most basic of steps in creating a path forward so you don’t forget the essentials.

Creating a Business Continuity Plan

Roadmap for the Dedicated Board Member in
Times of Crisis

As nonprofits deal with challenges posed by COVID-19, these are certainly unprecedented times. Watch this video by Elizabeth Wagner from Bryn Mawr Trust for some great ideas about how board members can best provide leadership and support.

Strategic Communication in Tough Times

In these times of crisis, the way that we communicate with our constituents is key to how we are perceived. In this video by VolunteerConnect board member Toni-Anne Blake, you can learn five key strategies to successful communication during a crisis.

Additional Strategic Communication Resources

The Communications Network offers some tools and tips for communication about the COVID-19 crisis including some basic tips on messaging.

Coronavirus Crisis Communications Kit

This resource from BoardSource guides thinking through the roles & responsibilities of board and staff members during a crisis.

Crisis Communication Guidelines