Looking Back with Gratitude – 2017 Grant Funding Highlights

VolunteerConnect was honored to receive generous grant funding from the Princeton Area Community Foundation (PACF) and a number of other charitable organizations in 2017. Without these grants, we could not help to facilitate social change in our community and continue to support the missions of central New Jersey’s corporate leaders and nonprofits.

Last fall, PACF awarded VolunteerConnect $25,000 through their Community Impact Grant program. This generous gift will help VolunteerConnect focus on providing the greater Mercer County nonprofit community with the strategic support they need to fulfill their missions. This includes board training and recruitment, skills-based volunteering opportunities and professional


BoardConnect Training Is a “Win-Win” for Janssen

For more than a decade, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has supported the mission of VolunteerConnect, most recently focusing on finding new ways to engage its employees in skills-based volunteerism and nonprofit board service. “We have a workforce that is passionate about community service. They want to give back,” says Peg Forrestel, Director of Community Affairs for Janssen.

Through VolunteerConnect’s innovative BoardConnect training program, several of Janssen’s employees are now serving on nonprofit boards. “VolunteerConnect provides our employees with the knowledge and resources they need to serve on boards with confidence,” says Ms. Forrestel. “Together with VolunteerConnect,


VolunteerConnect Celebrates 20 Years

The world has certainly changed in the 20 years since VolunteerConnect was established. Here are just a few reminders of just how much it has changed: Caller ID, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hybrid cars, commercial GPS, smartphones, self-driving cars, emails and the Internet as we know it.

The list of things that did not exist 20 years ago is extensive. The list of things that are now obsolete is even longer. To endure for 20 years as the social, political and technological landscapes change does not happen by accident. To continue to have a positive impact in your community for 20 years