Anuj Kumar Supports Storytelling Arts with Web Design Skills

Anuj KumarAnuj KumarAnuj Kumar is a local Princeton businessman. Just 18 months ago he started his second company, eKnous, LLC, specializing in technology and web design. His focus is on small businesses, startups and nonprofits. More recently his interest in nonprofits comes from a realization that these organizations would like to have the best support, but more often than not they cannot afford it. Anuj recognizes the impact that a business can make when it partners with a local nonprofit on a skills-based project.

VolunteerConnect made the initial connection between Storytelling Arts Executive Director Karen Lavallen and Anuj. Karen and the staff at Storytelling Arts were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with not one, but a team of professional web designers at eKnous. It was a perfect first nonprofit project for Anuj and his team of technicians. “Storytelling Arts presented a project that was clearly laid out and well organized,” said Anuj. “It was easy to convert the documentation that they shared with us into a website that conveys their mission and highlights the important aspects of their work. They were very clear from the beginning about what they wanted.” Fortunately, there weren’t many challenges completing the project apart from clarifying a few directives and making the necessary updates. Some clear communication with the executive director and a review of the project requirements, which are both important to ensure clarity, brought the project successfully to a close with just some final updates.

For both, the partnership was a win-win! “This project provided an opportunity for our business to add value to the community and, at the same time, gave us exposure to the nonprofit world,” said Anuj. Karen Lavallen was equally pleased. “Websites can be costly, and, if done on our own, it would have taken a lot more time.”

VolunteerConnect is excited about the future of skills-based volunteering in central New Jersey. “It is wonderful to make these connections and to hear the positive feedback from both volunteers and nonprofits when a project has been completed,” said Executive Director Amy Klein. Karen at Storytelling Arts gratefully acknowledged the program in her recent communication with VolunteerConnect: “We could not have done this without VolunteerConnect!”

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